Using hashtags and contests to gain free followers

News 08:11 November 2019:

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The concept of free followers arises where you are gaining a large number of followers without having to buy them. There are also sites that offer the followers for free. You could also use various mechanisms proven to help people gain followers really fast. You could use hashtags that will be a call for people to follow your account. This is a common thing and no one will think you are weird. E.g. #followforfollow, #followback, #instafollowe.t.c. This tells people that f they follow your account you will follow them back. It is important to keep your promise or they will unfollow you eventually.

You could also gain free followers by holding a contest e.g. on instagram. You can ask people to like a post you posted in order to enter the contest. As the contest gains popularity more people will follow your account so that they can get information on any more contests that you will be holding. It could be a contest on posting black and white pictures or any such contests. Hold them regularly to get more people interested.