How some of the less used buttons on your social media platform can increase your likes

News 07:11 November 2019:

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Do you know there is absolutely no harm with asking your social media network to engage with you on a posting or blog?   People find this a little odd but one thing is for sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  It will help you increase the number of automatic likes on your platform.  How do you make this happen?  It is quite easy, simply ask your followers to like and or make comments.  This form of engagement will give you a higher standing on the platform and can be quite interesting if done well.

Do not just do it blindly, give the same people a reason to want to engage with you.  Even though this might seem a tall order, believe you me it is not.  If it is interesting and quite captivating you will find that you have gained a large number of automatic likes.  If you care to check there are buttons on the page where you can encourage your followers to like your article or comment.  Simply make use of this feature and see your likes increase.