Email and Free Likes for your Page on Facebook

News 08:12 December 2019:

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Facebook has recently changed its build audience feature which allowed people to use email to get people to know about and also like their page.  This used to be an easy way to get free likes for one’s page. One can still use the email strategy to get more people to like their page. You could send your email contact requests to like your page. You should however note that the use of email has its limitations since most have a limit of 99 recipients per email. Service providers such as Gmail have a limit of 2000 emails to be sent in a day.

To avoid recipients form seeing the other recipients you can use the BCC feature. The message should be short so as not to bore the recipient. It should also include a link of the page they are required to like so as to reduce the fuss for them and also get more free likes for yourself. The message should e designed as a request and not an order. The use of polite language and appreciation is important as the recipient will be going out of their way out like your page.