why many people opt to do so using automatic retweet services.

Retweeting even though rarely used by online users is one important service that when used correctly can open doors to one’s online presence.  Retweets allow you to amongst other things reach a wider crowd of people you would ordinarily have done.   There are two beneficial factors to consider when retweeting.  Firstly, the service will allow you to gain a large number of traffic driven to your page and secondly, increase your number of followers.  Even though this is a good thing but it is virtually impossible to gain the same manually. This is the reason why many people opt to do so using automatic retweet services.

To be able to enjoy the above services, you must firstly have a Twitter account.  The account is free and only takes a few minutes to set.  Twitter has so much to offer both at individual and business level.  Starting a business takes time and a lot of money to be able to set it rolling.  The advent of the social media in the scenario has made work even easier when done correctly and professionally.  By way of contrast, marketing manually cannot in any way be compared with using the social media platform to market.  The same are so different. 

Retweeting a tweet is a great way to show that you like the tweet and cared enough to share it with those on your platform.  But since we all live in a busy community with a lot of things going on at the same time, it might sometimes be a little bit difficult to be able to retweet all content that you receive.  That therefore leaves you with one option to look to, automatic retweet.  The good thing with the service is that you only need to post a tweet to be able to receive a large number of retweet.

Most of us are today thankful that technology has allows us to be able to retweet articles or content without taking credit from the original owner. It is just one simple way of sharing an important tweet that others never got to receive or share in their while at the same time increasing the original owner’s visibility on the social media platform.  When people you do not know like your tweet you are sure of one thing, increasing your visibility online by following you because they would want to read any of your tweets directly from you and not from tweets.    

If you are a marketer or a small business this is the right platform to be.  Taking your business to a higher level depends on the decision you take regarding your business preferences and interests which must be long term.  Subscribing to the automated retweet allows others to share in your tweets with others thereby opening a wider range of scope.  It doesn’t cost much to increase your followers on the social media platform.  The secret is if you want people continue admiring your profile, make the right choice by choosing to automate your tweets for a small cost.

weather station of any kind

Lack of rainfall not only affects the farmer but the whole world.  Even though people have believed all along that rainfall is beneficial to the farmer, this is not correct.   Where does the food we eat on a daily basis come from?  From the farms, you might answer but this in essence is a process that goes round and round and ends up at our doorsteps.  Lack of rainfall affects a lot of things animals, plants, humans and nature in general.   This is the main reason why many people not only farmers have invested in ensuring that they are able to keep in touch with the changes around them through the right weather station facility.

Another great factor that we are able to enjoy is the changes in the weather pattern.  The worlds over people have android phones, computers and tablets within their reach.  This was something that was impossibility in the centuries past.  The gadgets have open great doors to people of all generations in the 21st century.    The gadgets people to be able to know what to expect regarding the weather thereby preparing them in case of any terrible conditions that might cause great damage.  Farmers are not spared either; it helps them be able to prepare their farms early in advance.

Weather patterns have changed, and this is something that the world has to contend with.  The water levels are on the decrease, trees are disappearing faster, the ocean floors are becoming wilder and diseases are on the increase.  The world is in great danger if nothing is done.  Farmers have to contend with long months of dry spell and even when it rains, the rains are not enough to help improve the food supply.  The change in the weather is worrying and that has contributed to the large numbers of weather station facilities in operation.

We also need to appreciate the fact that weather information is not limited to the meteorologists only.  Weather information is now easily accessed to all who care to subscribe for the services.  Interestingly, not all these services are charged.  There are many providers that provide weather information at not cost.  You only need to subscribe for the same to be able to enjoy freely the weather condition and its great benefits at absolutely no cost.   Why suffer in silence when you and your family can still be able to follow the weather patterns freely without spending any money.

It is in regard to this that people are able to protect themselves and their loved ones when weather calamity strikes with a vengeance.   The effect on the climate change cannot be overlooked at any cost.  If you have lived long enough, you will appreciate the days when you were young and loathe the change in weather patters. People really do not know what to expect at any given time.  The increase in typhoons, tornadoes, and tsunami is just a clear sign that all is not well.  It is therefore important that each and every one of us invest in a weather station of any kind even if it is just subscribing to a site.

As the weather patterns continue to decrease and worrying, developing countries of the world have had to bear the heavy brunt that come with the same because of their unpreparedness and lack of enough facilities to help in case of such catastrophes.  This is the reason that when the same strikes lives are lost in droves.   The advent of technology is therefore a great step in ensuring that even developing countries are able to follow the weather patterns from the hand held gadgets which are within their privy.

You do not have to be a weatherman to enjoy the benefits that come with the weather station.  Most stations will allow those interesting to volunteer to do so.  Volunteering will allow you to enjoy the incredible just of being able to join the weathermen without ever paying for the services.  You will through volunteering be able to learn how the weather patterns change and what they look for before releasing the same to the public.   Being able to know and study the weather will allow you to make right choices in due time before calamity strikes.



Massage Chairs; A source Of Great Relaxation!

Has it ever occurred to you that compared to several years ago, the massage way of healing is not in use.  The medical fraternity is comfortable with prescription drugs.  But, thanks to technology, this is slowly taking a different turn.  Massage chairs are slowly being introduced into the industry.  It is therefore not uncommon to see one of the chairs in use at your general practitioners clinic or office.  It is a clear way of showing that the medical fraternity is coming to appreciate the importance of the chair in their practice and the great benefits that come with it.

It is common knowledge that a lot of people spend endless amount of time in the gyms.  People both young and old are starting to appreciate the great benefits that come with fitness.  This can be ascertained by the increase in the number of gyms.  If you care to check even just around your neighborhood, you will be surprised at available number of gyms.  Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will share one thing in common – the soreness that comes with exercise can sometime become so unbearable.  A massage after one of these workouts comes with great benefits.

Massage chairs therefore are a source of great relaxation to those who regularly attend the gym as it gives them relieve from the sore muscles that is a common occurrence.  Muscles lengthen during exercise and a message therapy if well done will be able to help the recover fast from the post recovery workout.   Another great benefit that people enjoy is boosting their immunity.  If you are a regular gym attendant, you will need to be in perfect health and in essence this is where immunity come it.  You need to be in perfect state of health if you need to effectively enjoy your regular workout program.

People have mistaken the use of these chairs.  To be able to effective enjoy the same, you do not have to sit in the chair the whole day.  A simple 15 to 20 minutes therapy is all you need every single day if you want to enjoy the benefits that the use of the chair brings.  Misuse of the chairs has also been noted.  One does not necessarily need to spend a whole day in the chair.  This might seem correct but if you care to ask the health team or personnel, it is not right at all.

Back to sportsmen, training of any kind takes toil on you whether you like it or not and before long the body will start burning out.  The body needs rest at any given time and many sportsmen around the world have come to appreciate the great relaxation that robotic massage chairs provide for them at the end of a hard strenuous day.  This is many because most of the modern chairs come with a lot of options that are known to be quit beneficial which include foot therapy or reflexology, acupressure just to name a few the benefits are endless.

During work out people tend to sweat a lot.  This in essence is the body’s way of releasing toxins which if not released can become quite harmful or dangerous in the long run.  For the body’s immune system to function as dictated, toxins must be flushed from the body from time to time to avoid the great build up of toxins that a lot of people tend to suffer from.  The chairs have been associated with eliminating built toxins thereby rejuvenating the body something that a lot of people tend to ignore.  Toxins if left to build up for a longer period of time is know to wear the body greatly.

Finally, sportsmen and gym enthusiast are advised to make the use of massage chairs a part of their therapy if they want to effectively enjoy the joy that it brings.  One does not have to use the chair after training but should do so before going for a petition.  Available study indicates that it helps warm the muscles and increase blood flow thereby relaxing not only your body and mind.  A relaxed body and mind is a great recipe for competition.  Don’t wait until your body is unable to cope to have a massage, it might be too late.



Massage Chairs: Are they worth the Costs?

You’ve probably visited a massage room at the mall and experienced massage therapy from a robotic chair. They are stress relieving, relaxing and very comfortable. Comfort and stress relief are after all some of the main reasons why you plan to buy a massage chair. But before you pay more than $1,000 for the massage chair, consider whether you will benefit from it.

The value of any investment is relative to its benefits. These benefits must justify the price tag of your investment. Below we explore why it may be worth it or why you should ignore spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a robotic massage chair.

Do you have any medical Conditions?

Massage chairs are most popular amongst people with medical conditions. If you have severe back problems, for example, buying a massage chair is a worthwhile investment. Quality, tech-infused massage chairs have programs geared at relieving pain in areas where painkillers may not be the solution. People who also experience severe muscle tension because of athletics or for any other reasons will find a massage chair fulfilling.

Injury Recovery for athletes

Athletes experience muscle tensions, injuries and twisted ankles more often than any other group in the community. Their bodies are more vulnerable to injuries that can be career damaging than the rest of us. Because of that, investing in a chair that can help improve injury recovery fast is definitely worth the costs. Consider buying a massage chair as an asset meant to keep you fit and ready to compete at all times. Again, you probably can’t be available for massage therapy some times. A massage chair will help you manage your time and allocate time for therapy when you are available.

Stress Relief

If you have no medical condition and you are not an athlete, you should think hard before buying a massage chair. It is a costly investment who benefits you should evaluate carefully. If your sole reason for buying this chair is to help you calm your nerves when you are stressed, consider if there is a cheaper alternative. Chances are you don’t have to pay $8,000 to find a stress reliever. However, if you have tried massage chairs before and found them to be very successful at helping your relieve stress, go for it.

Who should buy Massage Chairs?

Yes, there are massage chairs that cost below $1,000, but even that price tag is high if you can find an alternative solution for your problems. The only time you should consider buying this chair if you can find multiple solutions to be solved by the chair. Buy a massage chair if it can relax your nerves, relieve pain and add happiness to you. Don’t get a loan to buy the chair unless you really have back and neck pains. And even, only buy a chair within your budget.

Massage chairs come in a wide array of designs and styles. You can find great deals for both cheap and expensive chairs if you visit the right dealers.











Attacks on twitter have become quite popular with twitter users

Attacks on twitter have become quite popular with twitter users. Two people or two groups take on each other on twitter. The attacks could be intellectual or just trash talking depending on the individuals involved and their professions. Auto retweet are useful in boosting one’s retweets. When you start a twitter attack it becomes pointless if other people are not a witness to it. You need to boost the tweets such that more people will be interested in finding out what the tweef is about.

Twitter attacks are a good strategy for celebrities and people in politics. It helps to make them relevant as people are interested in what goes on in their lives. In order to start a tweef, both parties need to be aware that there is one going on. You may use the auto retweets but if your opponent is not aware that a tweef is going on then everything will be pointless. You could bring it to their attention by including their username in your tweets. Take care to keep the tweets short as it drives the point home more effectively instead of long tweets that get people bored.

Automatic retweet a business page builder

Trying to build a business page on the Twitter social media platform or network is not easy although it is very easy to create a business page, it is very difficult to build your page to a standard level were you will achieve your  expected goals. Briefly let’s talk about the Twitter Social Media Network or Platform, this social media platform has been in existence for a while now with billions of registered users around the world. The Twitter Social media network uses, following / followers to denote friendship or acquaintance, tweets to denote post or uploads on the platform, retweet as repost. Now over the years since the existence of the Twitter social media network, a lot of businesses have been using this platform to promote their business and a lot have succeeded while some failed but the bottom line is that the twitter network a very suitable platform for business/internet marketing/ social media marketing and to aid new users that intend to build a successful business page automated services such as automatic likes, automatic followers, automatic retweets, automatic favourites and other automated services

How do these automated services work in building your business page?

First and foremost automated services simply mean something done buy automatic system configuration or programming and as such it works according to the set of instructions inputted by the programmer. Now with automatic likes, you automatically get likes on your post or tweets on the twitter network and this boasts your popularity, relevance and credibility on the network as this leaves a notion on the minds of others that you are worth listening to being that you have a lot of like pumping in to every tweet you post on the network. Also with automatic followers it can also be easily described by the same means of describing automatic likes, this is so because you followers will not follow you if there is nothing interesting or needful that they gain from you because there are a lot of pages on the twitter social media network and there will be no need to follow you if you are not worth it.

Automatic retweets is a very powerful and useful tool amongst the automated services or tools that one can use for building a successful twitter business page. This is so because for businesses you will always have to tweet for people to see your activeness and see your post on the network. Tweeting and retweeting is something that has to be done regularly and with automatic retweets you are able to achieve this without having worries about your other schedules as you might not have time to visit the twitter network at all times.

All other automated services also helps to build a successful business page and achieve the basic aim of using the Twitter Social Media network. We all have the potentials to build a successful business page on our own but it is very stress, time consuming and success not guaranteed but with automated services such as automatic retweets you are guaranteed of fast growing business page and success.



Using hashtags and contests to gain free followers

The concept of free followers arises where you are gaining a large number of followers without having to buy them. There are also sites that offer the followers for free. You could also use various mechanisms proven to help people gain followers really fast. You could use hashtags that will be a call for people to follow your account. This is a common thing and no one will think you are weird. E.g. #followforfollow, #followback, #instafollowe.t.c. This tells people that f they follow your account you will follow them back. It is important to keep your promise or they will unfollow you eventually.

You could also gain free followers by holding a contest e.g. on instagram. You can ask people to like a post you posted in order to enter the contest. As the contest gains popularity more people will follow your account so that they can get information on any more contests that you will be holding. It could be a contest on posting black and white pictures or any such contests. Hold them regularly to get more people interested.

Be Part of Follow Friday

This is a social media event that mostly takes place on twitter but there are other platforms that also regularly host this event. You might have not been taking it seriously and you might have never seen it essence. If you are looking to get free likes though, it is really time that you start participating in events like follow Friday.

They go a very long way in helping you get noticed on social media. They work very well to help you build your audience and also that of others. This effort has the return of your visibility being increased and a larger number of people taking interest in who you are and what you have to offer. You have to understand that social media has so many people. Billions and billions of people all over the world use social media on a daily basis. Thus for you to stand out, you really need to put in the effort and standing out is the easiest way to get free likes. Work to ensure that you take part in these events and that you actually stand out when taking part in them.

Focusing on Facebook Advertisements to Users by Importance

The most resourceful way to use Facebook adverts is to aim for fans who already like pages in your industry. Using FaceBook’s chart data searches, find pages with existing fans in your page’s search box. Target your promotion to users that have| liked these pages, as they could be drawn to your page as well and this way; you could get numerous free likes. Ensure your profile is comprehensive and has an existing name, a verified address and verified contact numbers. Connect all your social media pages from your website or blog.

You might want to create a relevant Facebook group which is a fantastic way to reach the people in your targeted market. Create an industry linked group that your target market could possibly get drawn to, and make use of it to generate likes. The interaction achieved in a FB group can be higher than that of a FB page. Tag other pages that interest you in your posts which can stir up the interest of those pages’ fans to give free likes to your web site as well.


Avoiding Twitter Likes Scams

The use of the internet to conduct business also means that we are prone to getting scammed into losing our money. The fact that we do not get to physically meet the scammer or even have a proper one on one conversation with them helps them with their scam. One could also get scammed when buying twitter likes. You pay for the package but it never gets delivered. It is thus necessary to be informed on the subject.

One concern should be a service provider with no web presence. They should have a website where people can leave comments of how useful they found the twitter likes. You can look at the links they leave in the comments sections for other users. If they do not work, they are most likely scams. You could also check on their history. You can ask them for the information before payments are made. A long history of providing the service is a good sign. If they willingly give information about people that used their service then their confidentiality may be compromised and this is not a good sign.

Sell Your DIY Products By Getting Twitter Likes

The ease of Internet has opened up many opportunities for artists and crafters to sell their work online. Due to this, do you know that you can sell your DIY products by getting twitter likes?

After you open up a twitter account, you can start to advertise your DIY products by posting photos of your product on twitter. You can also link your twitter to your online shop such as Etsy or eBay. When other twitter users see your product, they’ll be directed to your site to purchase your products.

Every once in a while, you can have promotional campaigns where your followers need to place twitter likes on the items they like to get discount or rebates. You can post this as and when you need to promote new products, or you can choose a specific day for discounts. Free Friday or Saturday Sale are good start to draw in more customers.

You have to put in effort and time on social media if you want expand your target market as well as attract bigger crowd to your business.

Getting Rid Of An Automatic Retweet From Your Timeline.

Every user on Twitter uses automatic retweets feature for own reasons. Whatever the reason, it is the best way to spread information that seems right to share with your followers. No one can share something that is likely to offend his or her followers hence the content shared is mostly okay. However, you may consider not to keep the retweeted post after some time due to reasons like it was a rumor, had conflicting interests or is causing you to lose your followers. How can I revert this action and get rid of that tweet completely? It is simple, read below.

Proceed to your profile and click on your Twitter handle name that will appear on the drop-down menu. All of your Twitter profile will be displayed that contains all tweets, retweets, and replies you have posted and received. Locate the automatic retweets you intend to get rid off. Identify it quickly by looking for the retweet icon above the tweet with two green arrows making a circle. Click on the icon to undo the retweet and it will be removed from your timeline.

Why it’s beneficial for a company to engage the automatic retweet services.

Twitter enjoys a large following of 300 million people all around the world. With such a big online market available there is the need for a company to establish a strong market presence on the digital platform. With every company going online, one should ask themselves how they can stand out of the rest? How can their brand beat the stiff competition online? There is need to seek alternative medium of exposure to the world like automatic likes retweet services. These services refer to automated services that enable a tweet once posted to be retweeted to the followers and enjoy popularity online. There are many advantages associated with these services in a company for its brand. The benefits include the following:-

a company’s tweets stand out in the social sites compared to its competitors, picture this when a company posts a link, a photo or any content related to its services, products and a company as a whole, the same information is re-posted several times depending on the purchased package.  That way its tweets will be standing out of the rest especially the competitors.  This gives it a cutting edge compared to the rest. It’s evident on what will happen when such a circumstance occurs.  An increase in sales and its products and sales will be apparent and witnessed.

With the increased retweets, the company’s robust and widespread presence will be witnessed and felt by the online market. As mentioned earlier, a brand engaging this service will; be familiar, famous and known among its competitors. Every client wants to be associated with the successful company and will comfortably employ such a company for its services and products. This will increase the company’s sales and profits as a whole, increase in its targets.

It’s funny how human psychology works, and every soul wants to be associated with a great tweet or post, it’s like moving with the masses with popularity. Once a tweet has gone viral and become popular, every user will want to be associated with such a famous brand. By wanting to do so, they will keep retweeting the posted content and as a result, make the brand’s popularity higher. In most cases, these users were direct or indirect clients. This at the end of the day increases the company’s sales and helps it in achieving its targets and goals.

When a tweet goes viral thanks to the automatic retweet services, it will be ranked among the top searches. Picture this; the engaged service will retweet the content, the need for people to associate with the famous and popular tweet will add on more retweets and hence increase its chance to be featured in the top searches. Once it has gained that spot, it’s easier for people who are searching for any service or products online to settle for that specific company and brand. This automatically increases the company sales and profits.

It’s my advice for any company looking to expand its market to engage in the automatic retweet services. This will not only put the brand’s name out there in the digital market but it will also increase the sales and help it meet its set targets .

Email and Free Likes for your Page on Facebook

Facebook has recently changed its build audience feature which allowed people to use email to get people to know about and also like their page.  This used to be an easy way to get free likes for one’s page. One can still use the email strategy to get more people to like their page. You could send your email contact requests to like your page. You should however note that the use of email has its limitations since most have a limit of 99 recipients per email. Service providers such as Gmail have a limit of 2000 emails to be sent in a day.

To avoid recipients form seeing the other recipients you can use the BCC feature. The message should be short so as not to bore the recipient. It should also include a link of the page they are required to like so as to reduce the fuss for them and also get more free likes for yourself. The message should e designed as a request and not an order. The use of polite language and appreciation is important as the recipient will be going out of their way out like your page.


Using content to get Free Followers on Instagram

Getting a lot of free followers within a short period needs strategy. You need to do things that get people interested in your account so much so that they want to always be updated and thus follow you. Content is one way to go. Instagram mainly involves posting [pictures and it I very important for you to do it right. You should start by posting high quality and epic photos. You may to invest in a phone with a good camera or a camera that gives photos of good quality.

You also need to upload good content all the time so as to attract free followers. Keep it interesting and catchy so as to stay trending. Also ensure that you post the pictures about 2 to 3 times 9 in a day. The number should increase as your followers increase. One thing to avoid is repetition of pictures. Since the photos do not need to be personal ones, you should have a large portfolio to choose from. Repetition will get people bored and those that follow you may unfollow you.

The Power of Networking and Branding in helping you get more automatic Favorites on Twitter

When you listen at some of the most followed people on twitter share their story of how they became famous, you can’t help but understand how powerful self-branding and networking are. It takes years of hard work and resilience instance before can see you as a brand. It is actually years of trial and error, following people and sharing interesting content for weeks and months and until they are comfortably reaching out to thousands of people on twitter.

To become a great brand will include a lot of networking, you will need to take contact of all your role models on twitter, call them and regularly learn from them on this social network.In addition, you may also need to go the extra mile of reaching out to all your friends in other social networks in encourage them to be your twitter followers.After all, it is only by having many followers you can relate to, and by sharing great content can you attract many automatic favorites.

The social media can be very addictive and if you care to check this is the reason why most of the young generations are always on their phone every hour of the day.  Once you are addicted, you always want more.  But one amazing thing that the social media platform has created is the rise in number of followers.  Are you able at any given time to know how many people are following you?  Most platforms have features indicating how many followers you have and how many people you are following.  But if you are not able to increase your followers to that number, have you considered increasing the same through automatic favorites?

The feature allows you to receive a number of favorites depending on your preferred subscription.  If you have been on the social media platform for a while, you will agree with me that most people rarely take time to read a strangers post however nice.  It is therefore impossible for such an individual to like your post if in the first instance they never took time to read it.  This is very interesting indeed.  The system always checks each time there is a post and sends generic likes that will create an online presence that you might never have had naturally.

Do you know that even on a normal day, there are posts and comments that you might miss out?  It is just impossible to get to see the number of comments and posts uploaded on a 24/7 basis.  We live in a very competitive world and a lot of people are either in school or working to make ends meet, thereby leaving them with less time to spend handling their phones and liking comments.  If you fall in the above category, nothing would be better than subscribing to the automatic favorites feature. 

If you ask any business person how they make it out on social media, you will be surprised at their answer.  It is the auto feature that makes them stand above the crowd.  You definitely cannot do it on your own however hard you try.  Even on a given day have you ever known how many people are on the social media platform, the figures will definitely surprise you if you care to check?  This is one platform that rakes a lot of money year in, and year out.  You cannot afford to live your life out of the social media platform in the 21st century believe you me.

Do you know how such can contribute to your business?  It might seem simple or yet another way to gain followers but in essence it pushes traffic to your site.  Most people out of curiosity would want to do business with you and in essence that is how an empire is built.  Never underrate the importance of traffic to any website.  It is what makes you brand stand out.  How you advertise your services on the social media platform can either make you or not.  The choice wholly depends on the decision you make when making your subscription for the same.

The Significance Of Buying KiwiLikes For Your Account

When Kiwi was established, it was such a fresh idea in the social media industry. Not many people though that such an application would have been developed to link and connect people across the entire globe despite their geographical locations. It proved to be indeed a game changer considering the fact that it was established as a social Q&A media platform where members of your social circle could interact by virtue of asking and answering questions, about themselves, the community or the entire world at large in a fun and exciting way.

However, as it is always in the case of most social media platforms, getting kiwi likes has always been a huge problem. In fact, it is always frustrating for an individual when he or she notes that his posts are not well liked. However, by buying kiwi likes from a well reputed dealer, you are able to enhance the appealing look of your kiwi account. Having many likes will give people the impression that you are an exciting person and you won’t have trouble making new friends and even getting new followers for your account.

How some of the less used buttons on your social media platform can increase your likes

Do you know there is absolutely no harm with asking your social media network to engage with you on a posting or blog?   People find this a little odd but one thing is for sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  It will help you increase the number of automatic likes on your platform.  How do you make this happen?  It is quite easy, simply ask your followers to like and or make comments.  This form of engagement will give you a higher standing on the platform and can be quite interesting if done well.

Do not just do it blindly, give the same people a reason to want to engage with you.  Even though this might seem a tall order, believe you me it is not.  If it is interesting and quite captivating you will find that you have gained a large number of automatic likes.  If you care to check there are buttons on the page where you can encourage your followers to like your article or comment.  Simply make use of this feature and see your likes increase.

Getting Real and Free Followers Every Day

To obtain numerous, real and free followers daily, you need to ensure that your Instagram account is on private mode. Refer to a renowned Instagram friend/user and see their followers tab. Check the followers list. From there, request or follow people who have more following as compared to followers.

Consider following countless of people. Check your notifications after a day and you would see that some users want to follow you. You will need to press the user/s who prefer to follow you and press the green button. Do the same thing with every follower who prefers and requested to follow you. You will obtain twenty by up to fifty followers per day if you follow a great number of users.

Download any type of free app that enables you to view who unfollows you, mutual friends, fans and non-followers after three weeks. Refer to non-followers and see to it to unfollow all of your non-followers. Refer to your following and unfollow insignificant strangers/ users who follow you. Unfollow more. Do the same steps two up to ten days every month till you get more free followers.